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T & T Cleaning & Restoration is your complete restoration solution for any mold, sewage or water damage and cleanup. We are a local family owned and operated business that has been proudly serving Arizona since 1999. Our turnkey services will ensure that no matter how terrible the damage is, we will restore it all to pre damage condition in a timely manner. We will also handle communication with your insurance to ensure repairs are done right. If you have any questions about our services please don’t hesitate to call and ask.

Water Extraction / Structural Drying

How Does Flooding Happen?

There are many reasons for flooding to occur. A damaged or corroded pipe, a damaged roof, a clogged toilet or maybe even someone left the water in the bathtub running. The result is a large amount of water collecting where it should not be.

What Should You Do When Flooding Occurs?

It is important not to wait when flooding of any type occurs. First locate the source of water and stop it if possible. Second remove as much water as possible. If water is allowed to sit, it will begin to damage structural materials such as drywall and hardwood floors. We offer commercial and residential dry outs which will ensure that everything is dry as soon as possible. This prevents mold and other major issues that are caused by prolonged water exposure. We can also ensure that the structure and internal materials will be properly dried, such as the inside of walls, under the floors and in the ceilings.

Should I Hire A Professional?

In any case that involves flooding in which water has been allowed to soak into any building materials it is highly recommended that you get a professional to properly dry everything out. If for example you allow hardwood floors to air dry, several things may happen. First, mold growth can occur on and under the floorboards due to trapped water. Second, as the top of the wood dries faster than the bottom it causes cupping, crowning and warping. These things are all easily avoidable if the water is properly removed in a timely manner. A professional restoration company will be licensed, certified and insured. This will ensure that the drying and repairs will be done correctly and that insurance will cover the repairs when applicable.

What We Do

We utilize our precise, high powered and low impact methods in order to dry your property as quick as possible while also reducing the amount of repairs required once the drying is done. Our goal is to get your house restored and repaired as efficiently as possible without cutting any corners so that you may be on your merry way.

Mold Remediation

How Does Mold Occur?

Often times when water damage occurs within a property, if not handled properly mold will begin to grow. This can happen as soon as 72 hours after water exposure. Mold is an invasive fungus that thrives in warm and humid conditions.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that thrives by feeding on organic material. It comes in many shapes, colors and toxicities. The type of mold that you may find on old bread is not too different from the mold that can grow within your property. It is important to get mold problems resolved as soon as possible for several reasons. Mold can have negative effects on your health, it will spread as long as it is under ideal conditions, and it will damage the structural material that it is growing on.

Mold and Health

Not everyone reacts the same way when exposed to mold. Exposure can have adverse effects on one’s health including but not limited to respiratory problems, skin irritation, coughing and eye irritation. The severity of these problems is determined by several factors. Mold varies in levels of toxicity. Young children and people who have a compromised immune system can expect to see the most severe reactions and possibly even life threatening infections.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is a process in which a contaminated area is contained and then all mold bearing substances are treated with an antimicrobial and removed. This is done carefully within a quarantined area to ensure that the mold does not spread to other areas of the property. The result is a cleaned area in which all materials damaged by the mold have been removed. The area must then be repaired and restored to its original mold free condition.

Should I Hire a Professional?

It really depends on the situation. In cases where there is a very small patch of mold on some tile or other non-porous material, then you can clean the mold off with some vinegar or a good antimicrobial. For any situation involving wood, drywall or any other porous material please call a licensed and experienced professional. A professional will know what techniques and antimicrobials to use. They will also know how to properly resolve the situation while ensuring that the mold does not spread during removal and that the mold won’t come back after the remediation. Do not use bleach.

What We Do

Our experienced technicians know exactly what to do in any mold situation big or small. We are licensed and insured and will ensure that everything goes smoothly from remediation all the way to repairs/ remodeling. We even handle communication with insurance to make sure that no corners are cut during repairs.


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